Slug: getting-the-religion Date: 2003-02-18 Title: Getting the religion layout: post

Looks like Microsoft and the PC vendors are getting the Newton religion. Right on. Too bad Apple doesn't.

BTW - Steve Jobs may have his Reality Distortion Field, but Microsoft always does one better. They may hog-tie their evangelists with NDAs, but everyone can see they're about to burst for not being able to say anything. That's powerful juju.

For once I'd like to see Apple giving developers the Full Tour of Apple's labs. I don't care even if everyone's NDA'd to kingdom come - I want to know that Apple is doing cool stuff and that developers/MVPs/I-don't-care-who is about to burst for not being able to talk about it. Apple has a serious PR problem - always has - and The Steve makes it worse because he still has a hard time giving the customer what they want instead of what he wants. I'm not going to run out and switch, but I mourn the missed opportunities.

If Steve Jobs had given the Newton a tenth of the attention he gave the iMac, no one would be talking about the TabletPC right now.