Slug: go-go-gadget-quickblog Date: 2006-03-14 Title: Go-go-gadget QuickBlog layout: post

My friend Bill has been sitting on a secret project at his work for a year or so now. I knew he was hyper-excited about it, but the little scamp wouldn't give me a clue about it. Eventually he clued me in that it had to do with blogging, and only recently he gave me some access to the system with some dire grumbling that I keep my big yap shut.

Today he pointed me to their first public product blog, and said I could post about it. Weee! Check out the first Quick Blog at

QuickBlog logo

Bill works for Go Daddy up in Scottsdale, AZ, and is on the Quick Blog team there. He wrote a lot of the specs and was the first developer working on it. The tool looks really good, supports all the usual features, and is free (with ads) to current customers who have domains with Go Daddy. There is also a cheap ($2.95/mo) option (for anyone!) that gives you multiple blogs, multiple authors, and no ads.

Update: The BlogHerald picked up the story.