Slug: golive-6-filetypes Date: 2002-07-19 Title: GoLive 6 FileTypes layout: post

I’m posting this in the hope that after Google indexes it, it will help some other poor soul.

I’m working with the Velocity template engine; templates are HTML files that (usually) have a “.vm” file extension. I could not for the life of me figure out how to get Adobe GoLive 6 to open the file as an html file, nor could I find anything on Google, Adobe’s site or forums, or on the velocity lists about how to do so.

Well, I finally started digging around in the GoLive directory, and quickly found this file:

<golive home>/Settings/FileMappings/default.aglfmi

Adobe has done a Good Thing&trademark; here and used XML to define their file mappings. Simply add a line similar to the one below to the section at mapping->extensions, and GoLive will happily open your “.vm” or “.wm” (WebMacro’s standard extension - change “vm” below to “wm” of course):

<map ext=”vm” mime=”text/html” transfer=”text” base=”html” mac=”TEXT/R*ch”/>