Slug: grand-canyon Date: 2002-08-08 Title: Grand Canyon layout: post

Last week, while Jodi was away visiting family, I went up to the Grand Canyon for a couple days. I needed to get away and get some time to reflect and get "centered" - the last month has been pretty tough on Jodi and I. While there, I met up with a Swiss couple, Reto and Daniela, who hail from a small town in Switzerland very near to the one where I spent 3 months in school. We got to talking and reminiscing, had tea Wednesday evening, and decided to hike together Thursday. You can see them in the quicktime movie below. (Assuming I got the object + embed tags right).

The Canyon was pretty hazy, it was overcast most of the time I was there, but… wow, nevertheless!

Update 02/18/2005: I lost the Quicktime movie around the time I switched to Wordpress from Conversant. Sorry. :-(