Slug: gtd-vs-the-bash-shell Date: 2005-12-20 Title: GTD vs. the Bash shell layout: post

I've been doing a major filesystem re-org lately in my ongoing mission to Get More Done. In the spirit of GTD, I created several directories starting with an "@" – @ARCHIVE, @PROJECTS, etc.

All was well and good until I tried to cd @<tab> in the parent directory. Rather than get a directory listing showing me the directories starting with @, it listed available network interfaces:

>> cd @
@::1 @broadcasthost @localhost

What the heck? I asked around, and this morning on IRC I got my answer:

>tell redmonk that bash thinks you're typing user@host
use shopt -u hostcomplete to turn that off


> > shopt -u hostcomplete
> cd @

W00t! (Thanks to deltab on #swhack for the tip)