Slug: haha-honeytrap-for-the-riaa Date: 2002-08-21 Title: Haha! Honeytrap for the RIAA layout: post

After the RIAA and other media commpanies tried to get Congress to write them a bill allowing them to hack your computer to find out of you're trading copyrighted mp3's, this ISP is now blocking the RIAA's web site on its network, and set up a honey trap for them. What's a honey trap you ask?

Information Wave will also deploy peer-to-peer clients on the Gnutella network from its security research and development network (honeynet) which will offer files with popular song titles derived from the Billboard Top 100 maintained by VNU eMedia. No copyright violations will take place, these files will merely have arbitrary sizes similar to the length of a 3 to 4 minute MP3 audio file encoded at 128kbps.

Information Wave is going to set up bogus mp3 files on its network, then when the RIAA comes snooping, it will find the source of the snoop and ban them from network.