Slug: have-i-told-you-lately-that-i-love-you Date: 2002-12-03 Title: Have I told You Lately That I Love You? layout: post

By "you", of course, I mean Conversant. I spent most of the day working on the rebuild of a client's site. The orginal site (built by myself and my employer in 1997) had a Case Study section. It was all static HTML (as was the entire site) and was a pain to put together. Today I sat down and moved the content over into the Conversant site the client has been using for about a year now.

I posted each case study as a message (lots of copy-paste), and added a is_case_study flag and a cs_abstract field for a summary.

Then I created a query page that drew results that had the is_case_study set to true, and only returns messages that are bound to a url (Conversant can bind any message to any number of logical URLs). Now the clients Case Studies page displays all the case studies that I've put in and bound to urls in the site/casestudies/category/ hierarchy. Very very nice, and easy to update in the future!