Slug: hello-monkineticcom Date: 2009-10-23 Title: Hello layout: post

Some of you may have noticed links around here starting to point to a new domain: Well, today I finally pushed the Big Red Button that directs all traffic from over to In some ways this is a bittersweet moment for me - I still feel a close personal connection to the redmonk moniker (though this site fell from first place in the google war long ago). I first started using ‘monkinetic’ as the blog title back when I was trying to make into a business site (ca. 2003 I think) and the name stuck. I’ve grown to love it, and I’m glad to finally be giving it it’s own domain!

Along with the domain move, I’m changing platforms. A bit over a year or so ago, I moved this blog from WordPress (self-hosted on Dreamhost) to Movable Type (also self-hosted). I really like Movable Type (I should, I make a living building awesome stuff with it!) but I’ve grown weary of managing the hosting. So I’ve moved the site to TypePad, and today I flipped the switch to direct all traffic from to

There are still some style fixes that need to be applied - I ported the looks and feel from MT to TypePad’s advanced templates (I haven’t lost my need for control completely) and there are loose ends scattered about. But now that this is “Home”, I hope to finish the spit and polish soon.

The move to TP also means that commenters can signup/login with their TypePad, OpenID, Facebook, or Twitter accounts, which is a nice touch.

Thanks for reading!