Slug: hey-steve-make-with-the-posting Date: 2008-10-22 Title: Hey Steve, make with the posting! layout: post

Ok, so posting has been, as they say in the industry, “light” lately. Meanwhile, work has been “crazy”, and by “crazy” I mean “crazy good”. :-)

At my last position, I rarely got to work on anything that I could point people to and say “I made that!”. With Six Apart, I’m getting to do some great work for sites that I can actually point you to!

In the last few weeks, Six Apart Services helped Talking Points Memo, the political blog and community run by Polk-award winning journalist Josh Marshal, re-launch the site on Movable Type 4.2. Even more importantly, we helped TPM move from a custom set of community tools to the community platform built into Movable Type. Andrew Golis, one of TPMs editors, explains it in this episode of TPMtv that he posted about on his new personal blog on the site.

I’m particularly proud of the new Community Dashboard, an action stream that shows all the activity (posts, comments, recommendations, and who-followed-who) for all the users you are following on the site. It was my largest contribution to the site, and it really ties the site together brings a whole new level of interactivity to the site and a much better sense of what’s happening in your personal circle within the larger community. The Dashboard is built as a plugin that builds, in turn, on Mark Paschal’s Action Streams plugin for Movable Type.

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This migration, upgrade, and enhancement of the TPM site was a big project for us, and while every large migration has its issues I’m really proud of what we accomplished. Go Team!