Slug: home-visit-1 Date: 2004-09-11 Title: Home Visit #1 layout: post

So… Jodi and I had our first home visit today by a social worker from the agency doing our home study. I was really nervous, though Jodi did not seem too bothered by it all. Tina (our social worker) arrived around 1 o'clock, and just left at around 4.

The visit went very very well! Tina was awesome, was respectful and friendly, and very encouraging. She asked a lot of pretty personal questions (as expected) but was never hostile or accusatory (which seemingly every social worker on TV is :-) ). Seriously, it was a good time. We have our next visit in a couple weeks, and our home study should be complete shortly thereafter.

This has been a strange process, and we've barely gotten started! But it's good, and we really feel that God is leading us through it one day at a time!