Slug: hope-springs Date: 2004-08-11 Title: Hope Springs layout: post

This coming Sunday, Jodi and I will celebrate our 6th anniversary. It's been 6 awesome years with a woman I loved and appreciated, and have grown to respect and cherish. For most of those 6 years, Jodi and I have been trying to conceive, or TTC as it's called in the circles we find ourselves in.

TTC can be a maddening experience - especially when no one can tell you why it fails time and again. we were told early on not to worry - we had gotten pregnant once before (miscarriage after succeeding on our second month trying) and we were therefore bound to succeed sooner or later. So we did not seek treatment then, not figuring that later would be some unknown point in the distant future.

Once we determined that something was not working, we began to seek help. We went through several doctors and Reproductive Endocronologists (REs). We ended up doing 3 cycles of assisted reproduction, each time hoping that some variation of medication, timing, or sheer force of will would make it happen. In between treatment cycles we watched temperatures, paid attention to timing, and did everything we knew to take charge of our fertility. They should have called it "Taking Charge of Your Futility", because that's how it felt.