Slug: i-have-spread-my-dreams-under-your-feet Date: 2007-08-14 Title: I have spread my dreams under your feet layout: post

I’ve come to to love reading Wil Wheaton’s blog: WWdN: In Exile. Today he describes meeting a fan who worked 10 years to get autographs of the whole ST:TNG cast - Wil was the last she needed:

Oh! One of the top five moments? A woman waited in my autograph line after my performance and carefully set down a cast photo from season three. Everyone else had signed it, even Patrick and Brent.

“You’re the last one,” she said, eyes gleaming. “I’ve been carrying this around for ten years to all these conventions, and I can’t believe I’m going to finally finish it!”

I signed it as carefully as I’ve ever signed anything, and when I finished, I looked up at her. Tears fell from her eyes.

“Thank you so much!” She said.

“Thank you,” I said, “I’m honored that I got to be part of this moment.”

Thanks for sharing that with us, Wil.

(Don’t think the post title is creepy - I was a Trekker for many years, and I can easily recall the sense of wonder and awe that Roddenberry’s universe inspired in me, dreams that Enterprise tread on and crushed like so many bugs.)