Slug: i-need-a-new-coffee-maker Date: 2011-11-22 layout: post Title: I Need a New Coffee Maker. date: 2011-11-22 07:04 comments: true categories: coffee, work-at-home, Wallrazer

For Christmas this year, the “office” will be buying me a new coffee maker. I love my coffee. Like any nerd, caffeine is a staple of my pre-2:30pm routine. However, I do not:

  • Feel the need to either “simplify” or “purify” my coffee-making “experience” - IE, spend 25 minutes making a contemplatively pure cup of slow-dripped, organically-grown, fertilized-by-unicorns, hand-ground coffee.
  • Need a $600 espresso machine with its own water supply, 14-stage carbon filter, and included barista named Pablo.
  • Want a machine that requires individually-packaged, multi-flavored “capsules” of coffee to do its job. I have an excellent coffee shop that imports and roasts their own beans - daily - a mere 2 miles away.

So, while the Aeropress may be the stuff of coffee purists’ dreams, I just want a good-quality automatic coffee maker that can take a reusable filter, and preferably (better yet, optionally) can dispense straight into a cup (I’m sick of coffee pots).

Any recommendations? Ping me on Twitter or steveivy at google’s email service dot com.