I really want to use my domain. I own http://www.redmonk.net/, but I don’t have a place to host it that either 1) has "Manila", or 2) is under my control so that I can do what I damn well please with it. Until I can find a hosting solution that meets those requirements, Redmonk stays here.

http://www.redmonk.net/ is currently hosted wiith Llamacom.com, a small hosting setup somewhere in Iowa I think. It's cheap, and I can ftp stuff there. But since I started using "Manila", I've been spoiled. So all my effort goes here, instead of there.

Being a good web developer without my own server, is so… embarassing. sigh.

I think if I ever wrote a CMS, the combination of "Frontier"/"Manila" would be my inspiration and model. I hope "Dave" would see that as a compliment. ";->"

BTW, "Dave" is a prolific writer. And I've never been hooked on a website like I'm hooked on "Scripting News". Thanks, Dave.