Slug: im-back-yet-again Date: 2006-04-18 Title: I’m back, yet again. layout: post

After a longish hiatus - due to a delusion that I wanted to change domains - I thought I’d drop back into the swing of things.

  • Google Calendar: Yay!
  • gtd-php: Getting Things Done PHP-style. I’m running this on another domain as my personal GTD app, and it’s pretty good. The lack of plain ol’ views of most entities (as opposed to usually taking you to an edit form) is really annoying though. Apparently this is scheduled to be fixed in 0.6.
  • The lads in #swhack are passing the hat to get a subscription to the Oxford English Dictionary’s api-fu, then hook phenny up. If you’re a denizen and are into that sort of thing, consider contributing. More info.
  • Matt Gemmell has a fierce imagination:<blockquote>His name wasn’t The Grammarian, but he’d never given them anything else to call him. More than that, he was comfortable with it. It conveyed a clarity of purpose, and that was what he was all about.</blockquote>
  • I can’t get enough of John Gruber or Drunkenblog. I’ve never been an Elvis fan, but I’d put a Velvet Fireball on my wall.
  • I {heart} Hicksdesign’s new logo.

That’s about enough for now. Have a good evening!