Slug: india-pakistan-on-the-verge Date: 2002-05-30 Title: India, Pakistan on the verge layout: post

While the rest of the world hunts terrorists or monopolists, India and Pakistan have had it up to their earlobes with each other and are amassing, well, masses of soldiers on the 2000 mile border between the two nations.

Then there's this:

Both armies are modernizing fast: ... their compulsive rivalry is buying them new combat aircraft, new airborne warning and control systems and missiles, new tanks, new artillery.

And this doesn't include the nuclear option, if it can be called that.

I have to admit that this situation has me worried. A nuclear conflict anywhere in the world is going to have a global effect, and some are predicting that a nuclear event on the Indian subcontinent would result in 9-12 million people dead. I cannot comprehend that level of destruction. To compare: in 1945, the last time nuclear weapons were used in wartime, the death toll from Nagasaki and Hiroshima was 240,000.