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About Steve

I am a designer, programmer, and conceptualist. As a designer, I have an eye for graphic presentation, and I love experiencing the impact of a powerful visual element. As a programmer, I've grown to love the power of creation and the freedom that comes from knowing my tools. I call myself a conceptualist because in my passion for communication, I've nurtured these skills so as to facilitate the free expression of ideas; In other words, I get to bring tangible form to an otherwise abstract concept.


While in school I worked for several design agencies on both paid and un-paid credited internships and in 1995 joined Artlab Europe, a print and interactive design agency in Altensteig, Germany. At the same time, I earned a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design in 1996, and have since transitioned from an emphasis on desktop communication to web design and development.

While working at ArtLab as a designer and interactive programmer, I also took on the role of Technical Director, researching new technologies and their implementations and making recommendations for their integration into ArtLab's business practices. During this time I began programming for the web, and helped ArtLab expand from a primarily print-oriented shop to a web development studio. I also provided training to the personnel in web design and technologies, their benefits and limitations, and strategies in repurposing print content for the web.

My time with ArtLab was also unique in that it provided me with extensive experience in cross-cultural communications. Our clients included both European and American organizations, and our staff (though small) was both international and multi-ethnic, drawing from 7 different countries. This experience has made me adaptive, open to different perspectives, and hungry for new cross-cultural encounters.

Upon returning to the U.S., I worked with a consulting firm for several years and again helped to jump-start their web practice while managing the firm's web presence. I designed several iterations of the firm's website and built a system for managing the site content. I was asked to participate in a new project: a large enterprise application product. For that project I lead a team of web developers in designing and developing the web-based frontend for the application.

My experiences have given me a passion for web-based communication, and for the end-to-end process of working with a client to design and develop solutions for their communications issues.

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