Slug: interesting-to-seth Date: 2002-08-22 Title: Interesting to Seth ;) layout: post

I was emailing with Seth this afternoon about the link traffic our respective sites get, and he commented:

"you don't say much about your job hunt, the little projects you must be doing to keep yourself busy and sharp, or your cycling."

Ok, smarty pants! -) Here goes: My job hunt sucks. The interview I had went ok, not great - there were some obvious gaps in my experience and knowledge that kept me out of it. I don't blame the company at all - they have the ability to hire the cream of the crop and I wasn't it. No hard feelings.

On a related note, I'm working on a web app right now that is going to play the role as sample code in an upcoming application to the same company, just so I'm in their files. The app is something I started back when I was first learning WebObjects, and news aggregators were still a novelty. -) This is the app that is keeping my Java/WebObjects skills going. I also spent some time refreshing my servlets knowledge by writing some weblog software. Big surprise there. Heh.

Finally, my cycling is at a dead stop due to a flat tire and lack of a patch kit. I know it's a lame excuse and once I get back from my trip east for my brother's wedding, I'll be fixing it.

So there, Seth! Happy? -)