Slug: ipad-and-most-recent-docs Date: 2010-04-25 Title: iPad and Most Recent Docs layout: post

Just a thought - the iPhone OS still doesn’t have a way to use the file system directly, however with the iPad Apple’s iWork apps such as Numbers and Pages do give you a Mobile-Safari-like paging view of your recently created documents.

I was just realizing that I rarely use the Finder on my MacBook Pro these days. I have a slew of applications that I use on a daily basis, and in almost every one of them I mostly use “New Document” and “Recent Documents”. Only 1 time in 10 perhaps do I need to use the Finder to locate a document to edit. Now, I typically keep 30-50 items in my recent items menu, so that helps, but to me it lends some credence to Apple’s design decisions on the iPad applications.