Slug: ipod-shuffle-ok-now Date: 2005-02-18 Title: iPod shuffle ok now layout: post

iPod Shuffle Switch Jodi's iPod shuffle went bork the other day - we had connected it successfully to both her TiBook and my PowerBook and updated her music, but then after a few days it refused to be recognized by either machine. No lights, it didn't show up on the desktop or in iTunes, and System Profiler didn't see it on the USB bus. Wah. Just ot be sure I took some time and ran through the instructions on this Apple Discussions post, to no avail.

Sooooo, last night we took it to the Apple Store in Chandler, and waggled it at a Genius. He fiddled with it for a few minutes and said "I can't make it do anything. Guess I'll have to replace it." Oh twist my arm. We left with a purty new (non kitty-cat-chewed) iPod shuffle. FYI: the replacement units come sans lanyards and end caps.

I got home, loaded the shuffle with my whole U2 collection so Jjodi would ahve something to work out to, and left it to charge overnight.