Slug: is-this-a-weblog-or-what Date: 2000-12-25 Title: Is this a weblog, or what? layout: post

OK, so the theory is that I follow the web, read interesting stuff, and post links here, as well as let you know what the heck is going on in life.

But, that hasn't eactly been happening lately. Why?

It's this house. Our lovely Victorian house has been undergoing extensive internal plastic surgery for the last month. Every weekend, and many weeknights, have been spent painting, spackling, caulking, nailing trim and moulding, all in the hope of moving into our new Master Bedroom over the holidays.

Newsflash: I think it's going to happen. Wheew! There have been a few times when I doubted it. I'm finishing some painting today in the adjacent dresing room, so Jodi can begin wallpapering there. Woohoo!

We've got some great amber/butter colored wallpaper that is going to transform these old walls nto a cozy place to retreat from the chaos in the rest of the house. Thank God!