Slug: jabber-to-the-rescue Date: 2001-07-17 Title: Jabber to the rescue layout: post

Jabber is rocking our office world right now. We downloaded the server, and got one up and running (in short order really) on a local Linux box.<p>

The reason is this: we have taken to doing a lot of dev chat in house, and were using AIM. We decided that we did not want sensitive information going out (unencrypted even) over AIM's network.<p>

Now, do you suppose AOL is giving away their server code so you or I can run an AIM server? <AHEM> No. <p>

With Jabber, however, we get mostly all the features of AIM, in an open server we can run in-house. It's got IM, and group chatting, so we can use it for sub-teams to hang out and communicate. Yay!</p></p></p>