Man. It's been toooooooo long. I'm finally wrapping up the interminable freelance job, and I realized (actually my wife reminded me) that I haven't blogged here in ages. This had to be fixed!

I have, actually, been blogging some at another site that some co-workers and I put together. I guess I was inspired by the makers of BLOGGER by whose magic the CamBlog came to life one day. Yes, the CamBlog, affectionately titled "GeekTV", is a combo-box of a weblog/webcam. It will soon be added to the template of this site, somewhere…

Speaking of BLOGGER, using it is a completely different experience from using "Manila". It's more… technical. But very powerful in as far as it goes. Blogger does one thing well- Blogs. Manila is much more flexible- it's the CMS face to "Frontier".

"Josh" has gotten "XML-RPC" working in Turbine, an apache/Java/Servlets thing. I'm not sure I understand the recent proliferation of Apache/Java projects recently. Turbine, Cocoon, Jetspeed, WebMacro

WebMacro looks interesting. I wonder how it might compare to "Frontier"'s template system? In my mind, Frontier set the standard for seperating content and presentation in web systems.

One thing Java needs to get before I can begin to build a truly great system in it: persistent, structured storage. Java could do it, but to be high performance, it would probably have to be native code and interface through JNI. I bet the purists wouldn't like it.

I'm just beginning to get interested in some of this Java+web+xml stuff. Gotta get some free time to explore. Ha! </i>

Our home is a 90-year old Victorian; we're slowly making plans to renovate this and that, knocking out some walls and adding others. This article on Ars Technica looks like it'll be really helpful. With Macs in the bedrooms and Linux under the stairs, there'll be joy for everyone!