I first learned John Harris’ name from personal friend John Scalzi [Ed. John Scalzi is not a personal friend of the author], whose excellent series of books in the Old Man’s War series are graced with Harris’ atmospheric and inspirational paintings.

Perusing a sampling of his fine art prints or a Google image search, however, yields tens if not hundreds of familiar scenes, covers of largely science fiction books over the years.

a selection of reasonably-priced prints which include images which act as a reminder of that writing. Isaac Asimov, James Blish, Frederik Pohl, Orson Scott Card, Samuel R Delany, Ben Bova, Allen Steele, and many more

I am in love with his art and seeing his work, or similar, on a volume in the local library will at least guarantee a look from me. John (Harris, not Scalzi) has a range of prints available (linked above) of his cover art, as well as of his poster work for Sinclair in the 80s, and (if you’re into boats) a lovely series of pastel illustrations of racing yachts. Any sci-fi or art lover should definitely check out his work.


I didn’t realize that there was a book of John (Harris’) work, with an intro by John (Scalzi). While neither frameable or mountable on a wall, this tome is considerably cheaper than the 6 prints I want (wah) and would make a lovely gift for your humble blogger…