Slug: john-robb-to-infoworld-pure-rubbish Date: 2003-01-14 Title: “John Robb to InfoWorld: "Pure Rubbish"” layout: post

UserLand's John Robb comments on what is (IMO) a pretty good article in InfoWorld about weblogs' place in the enterprise.

Free or low-cost personal tools from pioneering software companies such as UserLand Software, Pyra Labs, Moveable Type, and others have fueled the thriving Weblog personal publishing movement since its emergence in the late 1990s.

Says John: "Pure rubbish". Heh.

I think the trouble is that John (and UserLand) doesn't see that this is exactly the stuff that IT managers (i.e., purchasers of enterprise software in large volumes) read in order to make decisions. If you want to sell your product to the enterprise, you have to get column-inches in ComputerWorld, InfoWorld, etc. Also, that these managers are not the "renegade geeks" that have typically taken to bottom-up phenomena like weblogs - they're managers who have made a career of making safe decisions. You have to couch your pitch in terms of what they already understand - whiteboards, conference calls, intranets, security, etc.