Slug: kid-furniture Date: 2004-09-30 Title: Kid Furniture layout: post

LT's dresser Jodi and I found a small antique dresser that needs a bunch of work done on it. I've already started stripping and sanding the old finish off, and we'll be painting it up to go with the (as yet to be determined) color scheme for LT's room. I'm enjoying it too, as it gives me something special I can create/restore for my future son!

One of my few "prized" possessions is a cradle my grandfather made, that my brothers and I used as infants. He even hand-carved animals into the end panels, and carved our names and birthdates on the sides. LT will be a bit big for the cradle, but I'm really hoping that he will be able to use it at least a bit.

So here's the dresser as it is now. Note the REDMONK license plate in the background. :-D