Slug: learning-html-again Date: 2003-09-13 Title: Learning HTML. Again. layout: post

As I begin to work on writing cleaner HTML, with a goal of proper accessibility and standards compliance, I'm learning about HTML I'd never used before. A good example: I was looking for a way to semantically mark up an FAQ. In another context, I stumbled across definition lists (DL, DT, and DD) which I'd never used or understood.

A definition list is used to mark up a list (DL) of terms (DT) and descriptions (DD). According to the W3C, the definition list can also be used: quotefor marking up dialogues, with each DT naming a speaker, and each DD containing his or her words. endquote Showing that there is flexibility in the semantic model, allowing the DL to represent any list of items with related explanatory content. I think this fits an FAQ quote nicely. smile