Slug: learning-javascript Date: 2003-02-14 Title: Learning JavaScript layout: post

After basically trying to ignore DHTML for a really long time, I've begun venturing into new territory lately.

First up, I have a client who was interested in having his case study images put into a JavaScript-powered slideshow. I looked at the site he had found with an example, then found a script at CodeLifter that basically did what he wanted. I then spent a day tweaking it and figuring out how to mix the script into the CMS the site runs on. I'm happy to say it's 95% there and the client is happy.

Next, I decided to try something a bit different. The form I use to post to this site is pretty long - I have 21 different categories that I post to and the checkboxes take up quite a bit of space. Sometimes I like to see the page without the form, so I did some research at the Gecko DOM reference (written for Netscape's Gecko html renderer but useful for any standards compliant browser) and figured out how to use JavaSCript and a DIV's display property to expand and collapse the DIV the posting form is in. Schweet!

I'm also learning to use the Mozilla javascript debugger, Venkman. (Think Ghostbusters.) It's sketchy at times, but has already helped me find some (admittedly stupid) bugs.