Slug: leather-cover-for-moleskine-notebooks Date: 2007-09-15 Title: Leather Cover for Moleskine Notebooks layout: post

Ooooooh, my paper-product fetish just kicked into overdrive: Moleskine Notebook Cover

The cover is made with the attention to detail that has made Gfeller a legend among geologists and field scientists for their extraordinary leather field cases. It is hand-cut and sewn with waxed Egyptian cotton thread, which is tap-set so that it will never, ever break. Steve makes the covers in English Kip leather, the same leather used in his field cases. Kip is a pale tan when new, but over time, exposure to light and the oils from your hand will cause it to darken. The process starts almost immediately, but continues over many years, all the while the cover gets darker and richer in tone, until in a decade or so, it will be a deep rich, mahogany.


Moleskine Notebook Cover, $40 (stock #: MC.LN) @ Gfeller Casemakers

UPDATE 2009-09-14 - I should have updated this over a year ago, but my Father was kind enough to purchase one of these limited edition Gfeller Moleskine covers - complete with Moleskine - for not only me, but for himself and each of my brothers. They’re as nice as they look, durable as heck, and weather nicely when splashed with coffee. :-)