Slug: letter-to-senator-john-mccain-concerning-mike-hawash Date: 2003-04-06 Title: Letter to Senator John McCain concerning Mike Hawash layout: post

Dear Senator McCain,

I am an Arizona resident who is in shock over the arrest and detention of Oregon resident Mike Hawash by the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Mike is a United States Citizen, guaranteed by the Constitution to have a right to representation, to face his accusers, and to have a public hearing of the charges against him. The fact that no charges have been filed (according to the poorly written Material Witness statute) do not change the fact that Mr. Hawash has effectively been disappeared for no discernable reason.

Mr. McCain, Mike Hawash is being detained, away from his family, unable to defend himself. This is absurd, rediculous! This is a United States citizen we're talking about!

Mr. McCain, I have always admired your service in Vietnam and what you endured for your country. You know what it is like to be held against your will, unable to defend yourself. The fact that it is the United States government committing this gross injustice is unbelievable.

Senator McCain, Homeland Security is important - but this act of barbarism must be rectified! Please treat this issue as if it had been one of your own constituents dragged off and kept without recourse - because as a United States senator we are all your constituents!

You and your office can find more information on Mike and his arrest and detention at

Thank you for your time,

–Steve Ivy


Sent today to Sen. McCain's office