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A short collection of tips & hacks I’ve been implementing lately:

  1. Move the Sugar: When I decided to go ahead and add a single teaspoon of sugar to my coffee, I had to move the sugar to a new location so that I could disassociate it from my previous tablespoon-plus regime in the old location.
  2. Working-from-home Hack #1: Wear Shoes: Bare feet, socks, and slippers (I’ve done all three) put me in a chill-out mode. Switching to my newly purhcased hiking shoes makes me feel like I can stomp on anything, including software bugs. Weird, but WFM.
  3. Working-from-home Hack #2: Turn On Some Lights: Sitting in a dim room staring at a monitor just makes me want to play MineCraft. A couple lights brighten my mood and my productivity.
  4. Do It Now: I’m a fabulous procrastinator. Right now when I see something needing doing, I’m trying to do it – and that’s easier to do if I implement point 2.

More as the situation develops.