Slug: life-update Date: 2004-12-16 Title: Life Update layout: post

Hello out there! Sorry for the lack of updates lately - a deadline at work is fast approaching, and I've been putting me energies there, as well as our adoption. But, so as to not leave all you folks in interweb-land in the dark, some highlights:

  • It looks like we're going to make our Dec 22 deadline at work. Yay.
  • A co-worker and I are going to a one-day course taught by Edward Tufte in late January. I am very excited about this. As well as getting to sit at the feet of the master, attendees also get his 3 books, the PowerPoint white paper, and a poster. Yum!
  • About 2 months ago I started getting rather nasty, debilitating headaches. Not often, but with increasing frequency. Yesterday I finally got checked out by a doctor, who confirmed the migraine-like pathology and gave me some Imitrex samples, and a promise to prescribe the triptan of my choice (the other candidate right now is Zomig).
  • I've started using my bookmarks as a quick-blog. Check it out or subscribe if you want. Recent topics have included css and ukraine.