Slug: light-bulbs Date: 2002-10-07 Title: Light Bulbs! layout: post

One of my alpha testers just emailed me:

A big light bulb just went on in my head about Sid, NetNewsWire Lite, and Conversant. Wow!

Wow indeed! I love when this happened to me, and I'm honored that my app could be a part of that experience for someone else!

Sid does have some great integration with NetNewsWire now with the RSS pasteboard code working. This is what writing for the web is all about IMO - it's no hypocrisy to use the right tools for the job. I use Sid daily (unless I've broken the build) with NNW, and I have all the benefits of working with OS native apps rather than browser-based apps. Spell checking, speed, and cross-app integration are big parts of that.