Slug: link-linker-05 Date: 2004-08-03 Title: Link Linker 0.5 layout: post

Link Linker is a plugin for WordPress 1.2.

Link Linker lets you easily link to sites that are in your blogroll, links list, or other link categories defined in the Link Manager.

In a post, you can write the name of one of your links, surrounded by vertical pipes (" ") and the plugin will strip the pipes and link the name to the URL listeed in the Links Manager. For example, if I write WordPress , it will get rendered as WordPress . (I've created a "linker fodder" links category simply so I have a place to dump links that I want available to the plugin.

Caveat: As of version 0.5, the regex used for link names is: /|([_a-zA-Z0-9-s]+)|/m, so there is a limit on what you can name your links.

Download: Link Linker 0.5.