Slug: linkback-catchup Date: 2003-05-27 Title: Linkback Catchup layout: post

Well I used to try and make sure I'd link to folks who were linking to me (according to Technorati), and I've totally fallen down on the job. Mostly it's because I'm lazy, but also because lately I've only been getting links from the usual suspects (Seth, Bill, Greg - hi guys!) whom I link to fairly regularly.

Well, I've had some new link in the last few weeks, so it's only fair I give a shout out to a few folks who, incredibly, found something to link to here. smile

The BiGHA Weblog is a blog by the guys who make the very interesting BiGHA bike. Inexplicably, they linked to monkinetic in conjuction with a post about Star Trek, which I don't think I've discussed here in eons. (Lost interest a long time ago, and Nemesis was the nail in the coffin.) But hey, it's a link and that bike looks nifty!

Seth gets another ping for his link to my comments on 's new weblog search app. Seth and crew built and maintain Conversant, the best CMS you never heard of (and which kicks Manila's hiney from Woodside to Boston).

Lastly, Coty's Radio Weblog linked here regarding my post about the "Piles" UI feature rumored to be part of the new Mac OS X. Unfortunately, Coty's using Radio Userland, which quotes my entire post but generates a link to the main site, not the post itself. (By the way, I found that link in about 3 seconds using my own - Google-less - weblog search. Nya nya.)