Slug: mac-plus-work Date: 2005-03-02 Title: Mac Plus @ Work layout: post

3 Mac Desktop I took our Mac Plus into work today and set it up on my desk. It doesn't do anything useful, but it looks really cool. :-) I still need a SCSI cable before it will boot (off the 10 mb hard drive), since I don't have a System floppy.

When Jodi and I were first married, I found that the Mac Plus had HyperCard on it, and wrote a fun little guestbook program. The MP sat on a table by the door and we had guest sign in. Ah, the good ol' days. Until this morning it sat on a ledge looking over our living room, along with the Powerbook 5400.

Also, note the LEGO Mac Plus on the microshelf above the monitor.