Slug: mad-eddies-lab Date: 2010-01-04 Title: Mad Eddie’s Lab layout: post

One of my Christmas presents this year was the LEGO® Café Corner (now discontinued and gone from the LEGO site) set. After spending 5 hours building it with Jodi’s cousin’s husband (it’s a big set!) I tore it down and built this:

Mad Eddie’s Lab

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Mad Eddie’s Lab (he never finished his education so he isn’t really a mad scientist) has grown over the years - from a humble basement operation to the unease-inspiring victorian/tudor/gothic/modern shape at the end of the street that it is now. Eddie never could afford the scary hilltop property he had been eyeing.

You can see the progression in Eddie’s Lab, starting with the now-inaccessible basement, the stony Gothic level he added after his first few “successes”, the Tudor-styled lab he built when trying to impress that Evil Duchess, and finally his current Victorian+glass “Mad Science Pad”.

Look around, you may catch a glimpse of Mad Eddie’s latest project through the pitched roof hatch…

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