Slug: mapnet-launches-geo-informational-directory Date: 2000-11-15 Title: “ launches: Geo-informational directory” layout: post

Hmmm Tim Bray, co-author of the XML spec, launches a new company,, and a new site,

Interesting thing: the site is a directory of the 'net, organized quasi-geographically on a map of Antarctica. Not sure I understand the Antarctica thing. I do like the visual representation of the volume of data in each category.

I'll explore it later - Tim's fame, and Slashdot, are contributing to the hammering is getting.

Update: According to Slashdot, is actually also an application - ASP-based - that "renders computer networks in 2 and 3D maps". As a demo, the Antarctica thing makes more sense.

P.S. This is kinda cool. ;-)