Slug: mashuptown-is-dead-long-live-mashuptown Date: 2005-11-19 Title: Mashuptown Is Dead. Long Live Mashuptown layout: post

A while back I blogged about Mashuptown, the awesome site and podcast that has been showcasing mashups (two unrelated songs mixed together in some clever way) for the last, oh 8 mos, or so.

Recently Art announced that Mashuptown is closing it's doors, and taking down all the music it's been hosting. This is a real shame, and is probably due to some (heh - I first typed "sue" there - Freudian slip?) cease-and-desist letter from the usual suspects.

Art was kind enough to stop by a while back and wish Jodi and I well in our process to adopt Adelina. I wish Art the best of luck, and hope that there are more mashups in his future!