Slug: mashuptown Date: 2005-07-23 Title: Mashuptown layout: post

I'm a total sucker for song covers. I've suffered this affliction for years, but it's only been since discovering various… *ahem* alternative *ahem*… sources of music 1 that I've been able to fully enjoy my addiction.

I recently discovered another twist to the theme: mashups. A mashup is where an artist (usually a DJ or other audio-hacker) takes two or more (preferably from different genres) songs and mixes them together, producing something that is altogether different, while paying homage to and often enhancing the source material. For example, Wil Smith vs. The Beegees, Lyrics Born vs. AC/DC, or even (am I saying this?) Nirvana vs. Destiny's Child. Wow.

I am, of course, linking all these from MashupTown, my new favorite podcast.

1. By alternative, of course, I mean Coverville. What?