Slug: microsoft-flash-microsoft-dreamweaver Date: 2002-12-24 Title: Microsoft Flash? Microsoft Dreamweaver? layout: post

According to Dave, the Register is reporting thatMicrosoft may want to buy Macromedia, makers of Flash, Freehand, Dreamweaver, and other graphics and web applications. Evidently they want Flash MX, so it can become YAJK (Yet Another Java Killer) on the web.

  1. Microsoft needs to stop trying to kill the competition, and just make something people want. Lose-lose.
  2. It is likely that Macromedia's apps would be taken out of the hands of their original base: Mac-based graphics and web professionals. Yes, they may consitnue to be updated for both platforms, but the Mac versions will begin to slip behind their Windows counterparts, as Microsoft uses them (as it does everything) to drive users to their cash-cow, Windows. Lose-lose.
  3. Adobe loses their last "real" competitor in the print and web graphics space. Adobe's products begin to get shoddy as the lack of competition makes them even more complacent then they are now. Lose-lose.

Well, here's hoping the Register has it wrong.