Slug: mod_rendezvous Date: 2003-01-14 Title: mod_rendezvous layout: post

I forgot to link to this a while back, but after looking into it I'm doing so.

mod_rendezvous is a module for Apache that makes your web server available via Rendezvous. Now, that's pretty cool, but I just realized that it's Mac OS X only, I assume because it (logically) uses the OS's Rendezvous implementation. Fooey. I'm going to be setting up a local Linux server at some point, and was really hoping that this mod would run there.

Now, if only someone would do something interesting with this, this wouldn't be a problem. -)

Ah, I see that the author is already on the case. Schweet. (Same link as above, look for the FAQ section "Where is the Linux/Unix version?")