Slug: monday Date: 2003-03-04 Title: Monday layout: post

Well, there's not much to say.

Ok, maybe a little bit. Random life happenings:

Working on the church website. It's getting very good reviews from the few to have used it so far, and it has a couple weblogs. One of them is an update page for our team in Japan for two weeks. Weblogs made practical! If the church decides to bite the bullet and pay for the hosting, then I'll link to it from here. Right now it's in a holding pattern.

Also working on a client's site. The client is a good one - he has a pretty good idea of how involved he needs to be in the process, and apologizes when he's not able to be involved enough to keep things moving. I'd like more clients like him.

Now that Jodi is working, I've taken over trolling the job sites. It only confirms to me that the economy (at leat in AZ) still sucks, hard.

I've been riding every day in 2 and 3 day spurts - building endurance. Today it was a short 3 mile ride to a haircut and back.