Slug: more-from-radio-conversant Date: 2002-01-23 Title: More From Radio Conversant layout: post

I've started working on some enhancements to Radio Conversant.

These enhancements include a page that goes in your www folder, called "getConvMessage.txt". They also include two rpc scripts, "getMessage" and "setMessage", as well as a version of "sendOutline" for messages.

It works like this: I've added an "Edit In Radio" link to my template that links to

Click the link, and the page I added to the www folder gets run by Radio Userland. It fetches the message, massages it into an outline, then returns a message to tell you to switch to RU to edit your message. then pick "RadioConversant > Messages > Save Message" to send it back. All done!

BTW - you DO have to be a conversation admin in order for this to work. My "Edit In Radio" link is wrapped in a "userIsConvAdmin" conditional.