Slug: morning-coffee-notes Date: 2003-03-05 Title: Morning Coffee Notes layout: post

Ok, I'm on my second cup already because I got distracted. After noticing Scoble's link to Joel on Software, I decided to read Joel's most recent email article, on Building Communities with Software. It got me thinking about how the forum on this site works. I may make some changes around here but I'm not sure yet.

Then I linked over to Jeff Veen's site and discovered he has a weblog and an RSS feed. Subscribe. Read last n posts. Yummmy!

Yesterday I found out that a good friend was in a "gnarly" (his word) car wreck, and spent some time in an ER trauma room. I heard second-hand that he was released some hours later, and is at a friend's place recovering. Thank God! I remember driving a Subaru Brat into a 5' deep ditch (and several trees) at 45 mph when I was 19… I walked away from it but it scared the bejeezus out of me. Get better soon, Anthony!

Hm. I recenlty subscribed to John Lawlor's Blogs4Business, um, blog. John seems to teeter on the edge of "marketing drivel", while still having some good stuff to say. Luckily he doesn't post too often, as reading a blog about the wonders of blogging can get redundant, fast.

Noticed Adam's link to Dave's audblog post, so I thought I'd try it out. I didn't realize that the trial post was only foor one minute, so I got cut off. :( (Warning: that post is the sound of the only-barely-caffeinated-Steve.) I think if I had a cellphone and lived somewhere where interesting things happened, I might subscribe. Oh, and if I had a job, so all this talk of paying for things was more than academic. -)