Slug: my-advanced-bionic-daughter Date: 2007-02-20 Title: My (Advanced) Bionic Daughter layout: post

Jodi just updated her blog (go Jodi!) with news of our lovely daughter’s recent ear piercing (she’s elated), birthday (parents are exhausted), and discovery of a new way to listen to music:

Also on Saturday, we finally got her iPod (yes, she has a hand-me-down iPod) to work with her processor! … Basically, she plugs a cord directly into her processor and presses “play” on the iPod and nobody else hears a sound. Her eyes light up and she says, “it works! I hear music!” The music is transmitted directly into her auditory nerve. Sounds are perceived, yet no tree fell anywhere! She was so excited, and we are thrilled too because this is something that will continue to develop her listening skills with her implanted ear. How many of the rest of us wish we could listen to our iPods straight from iPod to the brain!?

Oh, me me! (The title comes from the name of the manufacturer of her cochlear implant)