Slug: my-rem-clutter Date: 2003-04-10 Title: My R.E.M. Clutter layout: post

rdiv_start<a –=”–” href=”<!–#enclosure filename=” linkonly=”true” remclutter.jpg”=”remClutter.jpg"” urlonly=”true”>"><img –=”–” linkonly=”true” remcluttersm.jpg”=”remClutterSm.jpg"” src=”<!–#enclosure filename=” urlonly=”true” />" border="0"></a>Merlin points us to Clutter, a new Mac OS X app for the musically obsessed.

Clutter checks to see what song is playing in iTunes, then downloads an album-cover image from Amazon. You can drag the album image out of the clutter window, where it will float above your desktop! Double click an album cover to tell iTunes to play that album. Yummy!

Click the image to see my obsession, covers in chronological order…