Slug: my-vacuum-sucks Date: 2005-06-07 Title: My vacuum SUCKS! layout: post

Dyson DC14 Low Reach

After 7-ish years of using the vacuum we got when we got married, Jodi and I finally decided that it just wasn't cutting it anymore. We'd heard the buzz about the Dyson vacuums, and thought we'd investigate this multi-hundred-dollar marvel.

Well, we talked ourselves into it. We came home from Lowe's (half a block from our house) with a Dyson DC-14 Low Reach. So… was it worth it?

Heck, YES.

This vaccuum SUCKS. And I mean that in the best possible way. It's pretty quiet, the thing is engineered to the hilt (execpt for one removable peice that I'm still scratching my head over - "why is that removable?") and it handled pretty much everything I threw at it, including the two cat-hair covered IKEA Po&aumlaut;ng armchairs that Jake and Lucy sleep on all day long.

Before I was done vacuuming the house, I had to empty the bin several times from all the dust, dirt, and cat-hair the Dyson sucked out of my recently-vacuumed carpets. It also does bare floors better than a broom, and (using the included low-reach tool) gets under furniture with a mere 2.5" of clearance.

Yes, I'm hyperventilating over a vacuum cleaner, it's that good. And heck, it's a toy that both a geek and a house-wife can love!

Update: Seth wondered on IM if I was now a BzzAgent. Um, no. Not my bag. If I'm shrieking about a product here it's probably that I own it and love it, or just want it really really really badly. ;-)