Slug: network-solutions-is-the-devil Date: 2001-09-02 Title: Network Solutions is the Devil! layout: post

I don't know how much longer Redmonk.Net is going to be on the air. I managed to postpone re-registering the domain, not it has expired. I tried to transfer the domain to Dotster, and got this response from the transfer request to NetSol:<p>

Dear Steve Ivy:<p>

Because the domain name, REDMONK.NET, did not meet the criteria to change registrars, Network Solutions/Verisign has instructed the Registry not to change the registrar.<p>

Specifically, the domain name didn't meet the criteria because:<p>

It is not in a paid status at Network Solutions/Verisign.<p>


Network Solutions, Inc. Change of Registrar Group </p></p></p></p></p></code><p>

Of course, no link or email address is provided to let me talk to someone at NetSol and kick some a**. I am only told, "you cannot transfer your domain because it is our version of limbo." I conspiratorially imagine this is the case so that I cannot transfer my expired domain before Network Solutions has a chance to auction it off. Bastards.<p>

So, I'm thinking about registering a new domain, Hmmm. What do you think?</p></p></p>