Slug: new-products-list-for-mwsf-2001 Date: 2001-01-05 Title: New Products List for MWSF 2001 layout: post

MacFixit posts a list of products that are being announced/shown at MacWorld.

Of Note:

"Chronos will show StickyBrain, a new product written specifically for Mac OS X . A classic version for PowerPC Macs running OS 8.1 or above will also be available. 'StickyBrain is a personal productivity application that…helps users organize all of the miscellaneous information that clutters their lives and desktops.' " – I have to see this…

"Connectix will show DoubleTalk, a new utility that allows Macs to connect to PC networks and printers within the 'familiar Mac interface.' – Cool.

7 days to go!